How To Audition Using TextExpander 2

Cover of book, Take control of TextExpanderMy friend Christine recently used TextExpander to find an apartment in San Francisco–and if you’ve ever done this without TextExpander, you know what a pain it can be.

Christine introduced herself to more than 70 potential roommates on Craigslist by sending them each a form email that she created. She didn’t copy and paste said email to each prospect, though–instead, she used TextExpander.

In her own review of the app, Christine wrote that “TextExpander is a program that allows you to save text snippets to paste into any document or text field. I have TextExpander always running on my computer so that whenever I need to paste something really quick I don’t have to go hunting for that text file.”

I quickly deduced that TextExpander isn’t just perfect for apartment hunting–it’s great for audition submissions, too.

Read Christine’s full TextExpander review here so you can start jamming out those submissions like it’s your job!

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