Photo of Bob Bergen with Porky Pig 1
This past weekend, Bob Bergen graced San Francisco with his characters prowess at Voice One for its annual offering of “That’s NOT All Folks,” which promises to “take your character voice development to a whole new level.” I had a unique opportunity to spend some time with Bob prior to […]

An Evening with Bob Bergen, the Voice of Porky Pig

Entertainer's Secret 9
When I queried some folks about their pre-session voiceover routines, TJ Jones enthusiastically swore by Entertainer’s Secret, which naturally begged the question: “What the heck is this ‘Entertainer’s Secret’ and why is it so popular?” According to TJ, “Entertainer’s Secret is a throat spray. Comes in [2.0] oz. bottles, and is awesome. […]

Contest: Win a Free Bottle of Entertainer’s Secret Throat Relief ...