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Meghan Weimer's logoThis post was originally posted on On Route to the Booth, the official VO blog of Internet Voice Coach.

A marketing background is a bonus when it comes to freelancing as a voice actor and on-camera/print talent, but it’s not a prerequisite for successfully pushing your services out into the world. It is, however, something that no actor or freelancer can afford to overlook.

A couple of weeks ago, Mary Windishar’s tip of the week was about marketing yourself with a blog. She touched on the benefits of blogging and how to SEO your content–two tactics that every freelancer should implement into his or her marketing plan. (Also two tactics that, when combined, make a great alternative to a traditional website that can save you hundreds of dollars if you’re not a designer or developer.)

While integral to your marketing plan, a SEO’ed blog or website should only be part of that plan. There are a handful of other tactics you can build into your strategy, and in this seven-part series, I’ll showcase the details of my own voice-over marketing plan, which [in my young career] has already yielded a handful of repeat clients and a talent agent.

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One thought on “7 Tips for Marketing Yourself

  • Sara Jane Keskula

    Really looking forward to this series, can’t wait for all of the ‘tails. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, Meghan!