Leap Of Faith 5
I’m doin’ it. I’m takin’ the leap! After more than four years with Rainforest Action Network, I’m bidding farewell to one of the raddest organizations in the world and devoting myself to nurturing my creative spirit. …to acting, and voice over, and writing, and imagination. It’s scary, and the future’s […]

Leap of Faith

This post was originally posted on On Route to the Booth, the official VO blog of Internet Voice Coach. A marketing background is a bonus when it comes to freelancing as a voice actor and on-camera/print talent, but it’s not a prerequisite for successfully pushing your services out into the […]

7 Tips for Marketing Yourself

On Route to the Booth has moved to OnRoutetotheBooth.com 1
On Route to the Booth has partnered with Internet Voice Coach, and we’re moving on over to OnRouteToTheBooth.com! Not to worry, I’ll continue to use this blog to chronicle my journey–and my column will be syndicated here–but there’s a lot more juice over there, including tips, industry interviews, video and […]

On Route to the Booth is Moving!

My friend Christine recently used TextExpander to find an apartment in San Francisco–and if you’ve ever done this without TextExpander, you know what a pain it can be. Christine introduced herself to more than 70 potential roommates on Craigslist by sending them each a form email that she created. She […]

How To Audition Using TextExpander

Quote from Steven Pressfield's, "The War of Art" 2
I’ve been struggling a lot lately–questioning myself. And then my partner swooped in and saved the day with this image. It ameliorated some of that fear…and I’m making an oath to tackle what’s left.